3c Service Alliance

Building a solution

  • All of our customers have one thing in common: the desire to consistently deliver, in a cost-effective manner, a good service to consumers or users after the point of sale or product delivery.

    In some cases they have a very clear service delivery model and are looking to roll it out in new countries or regions. In other cases they are looking to improve the effectiveness or costs of existing service delivery. In other cases still, they may have not yet deployed a service model and are looking for guidance on the best way forward.

    We listen carefully to our customer’s requirements and put forward proposals that are aligned with their current and future requirements. We work with one or more of our Alliance partners in the development and implementation of the most appropriate solution.

This what makes our solutions valuable to our customers

  • We can identify the fulfilment partner from our Alliance network who has the right skills, scale, balance sheet strength and attitude in relation to the solution to be deployed.
  • We can integrate effectively with our customer’s processes and systems and support our Alliance partners in the effective delivery of service.
  • We can provide our customers with a single interface to a dedicated network of Alliance fulfilment partners in different countries and ensure consistent service delivery.
  • We can integrate the different kinds of expertise: service desk, repair, field service, logistics among others into a powerful network to deliver a solution.
  • We can provide a single account interface and service delivery function across even the most complex of service delivery models.