3c Service Alliance

Deploying service

Successful service delivery depends on a number of crucial factors: expertise, rigorous processes, effective information networking and above all an attitude that puts serving the customer at the heart of everything we do.
This is how we go about making sure we deliver service to the highest standards.

  • Service process definition

    Service delivery is a complex process involving the supply and exchange of information and spare parts. In an international environment there are frequently language issues that can seriously complicate the set-up and smooth execution of service delivery. Our service experts, many of them multi-lingual, work with customers and Alliance partner to clearly define the service processes to be used.

  • Service management system integration

    All service delivery models depend on effective information transfer. Our team has developed interfaces which enable our Alliance partners to integrate into the service delivery management system of our customers. We provide visibility for all parties on ticket status and other vital information.

  • Service desk operation

    We can provide a complete range of service desk options from multilingual consumer/user facing help desks through to job despatching and service delivery monitoring.

  • Escalation management

    Escalation management is an essential component of service delivery. No matter how good the process and associated systems there will always be occasions when something goes wrong. Our multi-lingual escalation assistants provide vital support to ensure good service delivery.

  • Account management

    We have a team of account managers whose task it is to ensure that our customers have complet e visibility of how we deliver service on their behalf. Their role is to ensure that we have put in place all the resources and processes to deliver a good level of service within the agreed financial parameters.