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  • My company is a service provider and needs to develop an international technical service capability for a customer who is expanding his operations internationally.

    • You may well have a sound service solution in place for an important customer in the home market but he develops new operations in other countries and asks for your support. His international operations are relatively small and spread throughout several countries.

    • 3c Service Alliance has a unique capability to deal with small and large service ticket volumes in single or multiple countries. Our rigorous service management processes and comprehensive Alliance partner network enable us to quickly bolt on an international service capability to existing arrangements.

  • My company is a service provider and needs help to roll out a new support solution for a customer across several countries.

    • 3c Service Alliance is able to contract directly with you to integrate and manage the range of key skills required from its Alliance partner network for such a task:

    • On-site and return–to-base technical support for front office and back office equipment such as workstations, mobile devices, servers, EPOS equipment, networking equipment.

    • Temporary or permanent service desk support in single or multiple languages.

    • On-site systems support as a full time/part time delegated support technician or on a day rate or an IMAC ticket basis.

    • WEEE-compliant legacy equipment disposal.

    • We can provide a single interface on all contractual and operational matters: account management, escalation, SLA monitoring, pricing.

    • We are able to deal with small and large activity levels across geographies.

  • My company wants a comprehensive service support solution for all its operating subsidiaries in several countries.

    • Your company has taken the decision to select a supplier to provide support for all the critical systems used in your operating subsidiaries located in several countries. You are looking to support your operational staff by providing them with a consistently good service in a cost-effective manner.

    • 3c Service Alliance can provide a fully integrated support service thanks to its service management capability and comprehensive, international Alliance network. We can integrate the key functions of service desk, product installation and removal, on-site technical support and spare parts logistics. We provide you with a single contractual and operational interface.

  • My company is a brand who wants a new service partner.

    • There are many reasons for wanting to appoint a new service partner: your business is growing fast and you need to add additional capacity; you want to enter a new market or extend your geographical reach; you want to improve the quality of service delivery; you want more value for the money that you pay for service delivery.

    • 3c Service Alliance can be that new service partner for these reasons:

    • Our Alliance network is made up of some of the best service delivery providers available. We select the best possible service delivery partner whose skills, scale, balance sheet strength and attitude are right for your company.

    • All brands use sophisticated service management systems. We have developed interfacing solutions that enable us to integrate our service management environment with yours to ensure that you have real-time visibility of service performance.

    • We provide a single interface for all contractual and operational matters so you have a single point of contact for everything. We deploy account management, service delivery management, escalation management, service management system support and administrative support in line with your requirements.

  • My company has a problem with a very high No Fault Found rate from its retail and operator channel.

    • Check out this case study.

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