3c Service Alliance

We are experts in providing after-sales service for electronics products

We design and deploy after-sales service solutions internationally
We design and deploy after-sales service solutions on a small scale or large scale in single or multiple countries

Who are we and what do we do?

We are experts in the design and delivery of after-sales service solutions for what we call 3c products: computers, communications and consumer electronics.

We supply our after-sales solutions to the brands, channels and service providers who look after 3c products on behalf of consumers and users.
We have put together a team of the best professionals in the world of after-sales service and they form our Alliance network. We work with our Alliance network to design solutions for our customers.

We contract with our customers to deliver service in one or several countries.
We can provide service from very small numbers of service incidents to large numbers of service incidents in multiple countries.

Why 3c Service Alliance?