3c Service Alliance

Alliance partners

  • We have established an Alliance partner network of some of the best service practitioners in the world. The core of our network is in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and China, however we are continually expanding our capabilities to cover other countries and regions.

    If you are interested in joining our network then please complete the attached contact form and we will arrange to review with you whether you joining of our network will be of advantage to both our companies.

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What we can deliver to our Alliance Partners

  • We provide access to new service delivery opportunities
  • We provide a comprehensive support service to facilitate service delivery:

    • Complete or partial Service Desk
    • IT systems and process set-up
    • Compatible ticketing solutions
    • Mutilingual escalation support
    • Parts sourcing
    • Customised training solutions

  • We provide complementary service solutions for partners who are active in multi-country business.